Tuesday, 18/2/2020 | 4:12 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Remarks by High Representative-Vice-President Federica Mogherini following the working lunch…

John, thank you for your visit here. We had a first bilateral in my new capacity, and I’m particularly happy this takes place in Brussels, so thank you for visiting and thank you for having a bilateral meeting here. I’m looking forward to come and visit you in Washington if we find you in Washington sometime, which might be a challenge.

We’ve had a good discussion as always on all open issues on the agenda, which are many. And we are concentrating more on the area around Europe, Ukraine. We have discussed the further measures that European Union has decided to take in the last weeks, and also the way forward to push for full implementation of the Minsk agreement.

And we discussed a lot also this morning in a very good session with other states, other nations, the situation in Syria and in Iraq, the fight against Daesh and the common effort against terrorists in the area, and to stabilise the region.

And we also had a discussion on the Middle East Peace Process, where we are looking forward to working together. All the work that John has done in the last months needs to be resumed, and the European Union is more than ready to support the continuation of this work. We know your dedication personally, we appreciate it very much, and we are ready to support your efforts.

We also discussed Libya – extremely worrying situation where we also will cooperate.

And we will now unfortunately leave you soon without questions because we are starting the EU-U.S. Energy Council, which is also going to be important for our cooperation not only on the energy policies and security but also on climate. This is also something we owe you a lot; the link between energy and climate and all the efforts that foreign ministers and the foreign policy community can do on energy and climate in view of the Paris conference next year and the Lima conference that is taking place in these days. We know that U.S. leadership on that is something we owe you and your inspiration very much, and we appreciate it very much. I think at no other moment in history where on this particular issue the EU and U.S. have exactly the same position, and I think we should build on it.

Other point we talked and reviewed – TTIP. We are ready to work closely together and hard to make the negotiations proceed. It’s going to be a strategic goal, not only an economic one but also political, and so we are ready to work together for that.