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Pumping of Oil From Wahat Fields Resumed.

Pumping of Oil From Wahat Fields Resumed.Sunday , 18-12-2016 – 16:00:00

Jalou, 18 December 2016(Lana) Dozens of oil fields in the Wahat region namely Jalou, Oujala, Jkhira and Marada have resumed production and pumping of crude and gas to export terminals. Operation engineers said the resumption of production and export would boost the oil industry and indeed the country’s economy and help bring back foreign companies after the maintenance work is finished. Production from national and foreign wells in the region constitute more than 70% of Libya’s oil production capacity or approximately 1 million bpd. The fields have not been subjected any damage or acts of sabotage during the closure period which lasted for more than two years. =Lana=