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Public Properties Authority condemns trespasses and seizure of public properties.

Public Properties Authority condemns trespasses and seizure of public properties.Tuesday , 26-04-2016 – 19:08:00

Tripoli, 26.04.2016(Lana) Public Properties Authority condemned transgression and seizure of public properties across the country. In a statement -a copy of which was received by Lana- it confirmed that it would not hesitate in taking all legal actions to protect private and public state properties and hold accountable whoever may found involved in such trespasses in any form and sue them criminally and file a civil suit against them. It warned that it would not accept any measures of possession or entitlement or recovery of ownership of any state owned property only by virtue of a due judicial ruling or a resolution passed by the committee overseeing compensations. The authority said it is not obliged by any entitlements or liability due to such trespasses and illegal measures in the future. In its statement, the authority pointed out;’ Regrettably, it follows up all transgression on state properties across libya and in various forms such as building by road side, forests, green are, parks and state owned plots of land, and car parks besides seizure of military sites and administrative premises owned by state institutions, sites of local; and foreign companies, and sites of development projects and other types of transgression on state properties which are protected by the law and regarded a property for all Libyans. =Lana=