Friday, 7/8/2020 | 8:59 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Press Conference at Tripoli Security on recent events in Tripoli.

Tripoli, A press conference was convened Sunday during which light was shed on security developments in some parts of Tripoli, included director of Tripoli Security Directorate, Col Salah Al Masmouai, Chief of Investigation at the Forensic Bureau, Col Fathi Saad and Central Security Department spokesman, Abusaleem branch Abdusalam Al massaoudi. They reviewed at the press conference recent developments in Hadhba project, Aeen Zara, and Wadi Rabia. Central Security Department spokesman, Abusaleem branch Abdusalam Al massaoudi expressed regrets at developments and said Central Security Department received three complaints about 9 robberies, three kidnappings and robbery of three vehicles in Hadhba project. As soon as they received such complaints members of the central security Branch Abusaleem were dispatched to the place of the incidents, and apparently there were an armed group which started firing at members of the security, killing one and injuring four others. Some wise men intervened to stop bloodshed leading to the withdraw of the force and Central security Absuleem branch took over the region, he added. Col Fathi Saad briefed on work carried out by members of Tripoli Forensic Office specially investigations and inquires, apprehending criminals and safegurdauing private and public properties, He urged the Presidency Council to provide resources to security agencies to confront rogue groups. Director of Tripoli Security Directorate, Col Salah Al Masmouai, urged the media to verify their reports espcaily when dealing with security news. He said Tripoli Security Directorate and Central Security Department run security patrols from the centre of the capital up to Ras Ghazal, Janzour, Tajoura, and Gasr Ben Ghashir. He explained that in the coming period security check points and 72 security posts would be established at the entrance points of the capital. He also said plans are underway to secure the banks to facilitate their services to the public in collaboration with the General Department of Central Security and other security organs. On preparations for the celebrations of the 6th anniversary of 17th February Revolution, director of security said a tight security plan was set up to secure celebrations and prepare appropriate atmosphere to mark the occasion.

Source: Libya News Agency