Saturday, 19/9/2020 | 8:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Presidential Council Welcomes Reconciliation Agreement Between Tabou and Tuareg Tribes

Tripoli, The Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord has hailed the reconciliation agreement signed by the tribes of Tabou and Tuareg. The Council official website said the council members have welcomed, during a meeting the council held with representatives of the two tribes and representatives of Al Hasawneh Tribe which sponsored the reconciliation the meeting, as welcoming the move for the sake of stability and ending the one year long armed conflict in the area. Reconstruction of Obari where the conflict between the two tribes raged including maintenance of schools as well as resuming flights to and from the Obari Airport with support from the neutral Tribe of Al Hasawaneyeh were discussed at the meeting. The Council members said they were committed to every effort that would lead to alleviating the suffering of the ordinary people, and help the displaced and provide services especially to the people of the south.

Source: Libyan News Agency