Thursday, 2/4/2020 | 1:31 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Presidential Council: We would not allow targeting or spoiling oil or using it for political purposes.

Tripoli, Presidential Council of Government of National Accord underlined that it would not allow oil to be targeted , spoilt, or to be used for any political purposes, being the wealth of the country and livelihood of all Libyans. In statement Monday, it called on Oil Installation Guards to take all necessary measures to confront any terrorist threats for it is mandated to safeguard and protect oil installations. These emphases followed a letter supported by security reports by the National Oil Corporation warning against potential terrorist attacks on some oil coastal sites, and reports about coordination between armed forces loyal to former regime and rebel groups I'm some neighboring countries such as Justice and Quality. The aim is to take control of oil and spoil the national consensus project and control the livelihood of the Libyans and blackmail Government of National Accord. The threats coincide with Da'esh attacks on oil fields.

Source: Libyan News Agency