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Libyan Newswire

Presidential council continues its meetings with the central bank governor.

Tripoli, 15.05.2016 - The presidential council of the national accord government 'NAG' , had held a meeting with the central Libya bank 'CLB' governor , Sadiq al-Kabeer. During the meeting which was held on Thursday evening , in the headquarter of the council in Tripoli , dealt with mechanisms to start opening credits for supply commodities , as well as number of other issues , such as resolving various sectors problems , on top of that the power sector. The meeting also , dealt with asserting on the importance to put a time table , to improve the economic situation of the country. This meeting comes within a series of meeting , held by the presidential council with the CLB consecutively , to discuss and to find the appropriate solutions for the country , in the forefront providing financial liquidity in the banks.

Source: Libyan News Agency