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President of the Presidency Council Discuss Electricity With Relevant State Officials.

President of the Presidency Council Discuss Electricity With Relevant State Officials.Thursday , 2007201717:18:00

Tripoli, 20 July 2017(Lana) the President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj met at the Council headquarters in Tripoli a number of state officials who have a relationship to the electricity crisis from the security, technical, financial and control respects. According to the Presidency Council Information bureau Al Serraj stressed the importance on coordination between different bodies to overcome this problem. The CEO of the Electricity Company explained the problem faced by the company and the solutions he thought would ease the problem of generation shortfall. He cited non-completion of Obari power station as one reason for the power crisis, fuel availability and looting and sabotaging of power lines, as well as suspension of agreements between Libya and Tunisia and Egypt because of non-payment of outstanding bills. Al Serraj said he invited all those concerned with provision of power including Ministers of Planning, Defence, Finance, Interior and the Audit Office and the Administrative Control body and others to discuss solutions rather than come up with justifications. Urgent solutions should be sought, said Al Serraj who suggested that a committee be set up of representatives of the Electricity Company, the Central Bank of Libya, the Audit Office and others to fast-tarck measures and coming up with practical solutions to the load-shedding measures enforced by the Electricity Company on households throughout the country. =Lana=