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President of Presidency Council spokesman covers many issues in his press conference.

President of Presidency Council spokesman covers many
issues in his press conference.Tuesday , 1303201816:41:00

Tripoli, 13 March 2018 (Lana) President of Presidency Council
spokesman, Mohamed Al Salak held a press conference Tuesday, covering
activities of President of Presidency Council, Fayez Al Sarraj and
the important issues discussed and covered in such meetings.
Al Salak reviewed all meetings and activities of the president
Al Sarraj, elaborating that Al sarraj held meetings with security and
military leaderships, at political level, he met members of the House
of Representatives and High Council of State, several ministers and
mayor of Sebha as well as other dignitaries. He said these meetings
focused on ways for truce in Sebha and address the security situation
He said several decisions were taken in this respect
particularly a decision to set up a committee comprising members from
the GNA, members of the House of Representatives and High Council of
State, and active dignitaries in the south to work for truce and
reconciliation. The spokesman said the committee will go to the south
within two days to work for ceasefire and render necessary services.
He also said the decisions include setting up a security committee
to secure the south and support GNA forces in the south.
At the political level, Al Salak referred to the meeting of Al
Sarraj with the UN envoy, Ghassan Salama, which focused on the
political process and transcend the obstacles to the comprehensive
On reunification of the military institution, the spokesman said
the reunification of the military institution is running at good
pace, and there is agreement over many issues including organization
and capacities, and stressed the need to make progress in the
political process on the grounds that the military institution is
subordinated to the political authority.
At the health level, Al Salak said Al sarraj met with several
health sector officials and foremost with the minister of health and
deputy ministers to review services offered by the sector and ways to
develop such services.
The spokesman said he would convene a press conference every
Monday to talk about political developments.


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