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President of presidency Council receives Obari delegation.

President of presidency Council receives Obari delegation.Friday , 0604201816:43:00

Tripoli, 6 April 2018(Lana) On Tuesday, President of presidency
Council Fayez Al Sarraj received Tuesday Obari delegation including
the mayor and members of the municipal Council and the elderly and
signatory council.
The meeting discussed the bottleneck situation of the city and ways
to address such issues and difficulties faced by the people of Obari
in all service sectors.
The meeting also addressed the status of the halted Obari Steam Power
Plant, ways to resume air traffic to Obari Airport.
Al Sarraj highlighted the need to lift hardship of the people
reassuring the people of the south that he would do his utmost to
offer services to the people of the south, to be tributary to
security, stability and national reconciliation.