Wednesday, 29/1/2020 | 8:56 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

President of Presidency Council praises outcome of anti- fuel smuggling campaign

Tripoli, President of Presidency Council, Fayez Serraj has met Sunday in Tripoli with head of the Fuel and gas Crisis committee, Milad Al-Hajrassi. Al-Hajrassi reviewed at the meeting operations made by the committee with support of the Libyan navy and air force to pursue smuggling tankers in sea and tankers smuggling fuel by land. Serraj praised outcome of the anti- fuel smuggling campaign, urging the committee to continue its work and intensify efforts to fight smuggling until it is completely eradicated, to safeguard Libyan resources. Serraj said the presidency Council would broaden the scope of its campaign to include all types of smuggling at all Libyan border posts, and provide all necessary requirements to realize its goals to stop exhaustion of basic goods and eradicate price rocketing and trading on the livelihood of Libyans. For his part head of fuel and gas crisis thanked the presidency council for its support to the anti-smuggling campaign to alleviate the hardship of the public.

Source: Libya News Agency