Wednesday, 3/6/2020 | 10:11 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

President of Presidency Council confirms completion of all measures for welfare of this year pilgrims

Tripoli - President of Presidency Council, Fayez Sarraj accompanied by member of the Presidency Council and head of pilgrims mission, Ahmed Hamza attended Monday morning the draw for this year's pilgrimage. The number of this year's pilgrims is 7000. Al Sarraj congratulated the winners supplicating to the Almighty to accept their deeds wishing them safe departure and return. He said the GNA finalized all procedure for this year's pilgrims, to ensure that all pilgrims are well looked after from departure until their return including accommodation in most luxuries' hotels, transport and health services and other services to facilitate the performance of their rituals with all ease. Al Sarraj said the GNA contributed 50% of the cost of the pilgrimage for this year to ease the burden on the pilgrims. He also expressed thanks to the Servant of the two Holy Places and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their assistance to Libyan pilgrim mission. He concluded by calling on Libyans to rally their efforts, renouncing divisions and discord. The current efforts to destabilize the homeland and spreading chaos contradicts noble Islamic religion, he went on to say. The pilgrim is sacred journey in which the soul is purified and it is an occasion for Muslims to be reminiscent of noble Islamic principles.

Source: Libya News Agency