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President of HSC Meets Algerian state minister.

President of HSC Meets Algerian state minister.Thursday , 05-01-2017 – 14:19:00

Algiers, 05. 01.2017(Lana) President of High State Council, Dr Abdulrahman Al Sawihli at the outset of his visit to Algeria Wednesday met with the Algerian State Minister for Maghreb, African and Arab League Affairs, Abdulqader Mesahle . The meeting was attended by members of the HSC, accompanying the President and Libyan ambassador to Algeria, and the Algerian official responsible for Libyan affairs at the Algerian Foreign Ministry besides the Algerian ambassador to Libya, according to HSC media office. The meeting covered bilateral cooperation between the two countries, issues of common interest, the Algerian positive role in addressing the Libyan crisis and ways to broaden the base of national consensus on the basis of the political accord to ensure peace, security and stability in Libya and the region generally without interventions and dictations that encroach on state sovereignty. Al Sawihli praised the Algerian role in reaching the Libyan political accord signed in Sukhirat and its continuous support to the reconciliation political solution as way to end the Libyan crisis. For his part, the Algerian State Minister for Maghreb, African Union and Arab league Affairs renewed support to the political accord and reconciliation efforts aimed as broadening the base on consensus to include all Libyan parties. President of the High State Council, Abdurrahman Al Sawihli and his accompanying delegation arrived Wednesday in Algeria on a two-day visit at the invitation of the Algerian Government. Sawihli would hold important political talks with several senior Algerian officials, according to the HSC Media Office. =Lana=