Monday, 17/2/2020 | 8:01 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

President of High State Council, His First and Second Deputies Meet Chairmen of Council Permanent Committees

Tripoli, The President of the High State Council Abdul Rahman Al sweihli and his first and second deputies held a meeting here on Monday with chairmen of Council permanent committees. The meeting focused on formation of a political dialogue committee to represent the Council, and the meeting which the President of the Council had with the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Rome. The president of the HSC said the meeting was made possible by steady international effort. Alsweihli said he responded to the invitation to meet the Speaker of Parliament out of his conviction that a compromise had to be made for the sake of ending political division and achieving national reconciliation. His meeting with Ageela Saleh, he said, was within the framework of bodies generated by the Political Agreement and its mechanisms. Al sweihli said he did not discuss with Ageela the military institution dossier except for the need for the military to be a subordinate of the civilian authority. He said he would not be deterred by some parties, which were bent on hindering the political agreement through their media mouthpieces, to continue to hold such meetings and to seek to stop the fighting and ensure return of the displaced to their homes.

Source: Libya News Agency