Tuesday, 14/7/2020 | 7:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

President HSC meets head of UNSMIL.

TripoliPresident of High State Council, Abdurrahman Al-Sawihli met Thursday with Head of United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Martin Kobler. The meeting discussed several issues related to the current situation in Libya and practical steps to exit the political and economic crisis, and outcome of recent meeting of Libyan political dialogue held in Malta. Kobler told Lana after the meeting; "I just got out of an important meeting with head of State Council, during which we discussed very important political matters, following the Libyan political dialogue in Malta'. "We also discussed the economic situation, as there are meetings between the international community, the Presidency Council and with the Central Bank of Libya to improve the economic situation in Libya, for the political stalemate in the country doesn't serve the interests of any one. Therefore, we must make progress in the political situation and must work for implementing the Libyan political agreement which should remain the framework and the general political frame of work in this respect. Kobler said many thanks has been realized in the political field, and on the other hand there are many things that have not been realized, the Libyan are in need for a government of national accord recognized by the House of Representatives. Kobler said the new round of Libyan political dialogue in Malta was successful and one of the pressing requests by the members of the political dialogue from the House of Representatives was to amend the Constitutional Declaration and the international community is ready for help in this matter. "We don't want to impose anything on Libyans, they are the ones to take the decision, we are here in a support mission to your resolutions' he said.

Source: Libya News Agency