Tuesday, 18/2/2020 | 1:04 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

President Al Bashir Says Dialogue Best Way to End Crises and Establish Peace.

Khartoum, Sudan's President Omar Al Bashir stressed that dialogue was the best way to resolving crises, achieving peace and avoiding war. Al Bashir said in remarks at a meeting with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka here, that consultations were underway with political parties to form a consensus government, adding that efforts was being made to convince those refusing to take part, to reverse their position for the sake of national consensus and stability in the country. 'Sudan has always sought, with regional and international partners, to restore peace and stability to a number of countries particularly Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and South Sudan, ever since conflicts erupted in those countries, Al Bashir said. Sudan is taking a pivotal role in combating terrorism, extremism, trafficking and irregular migration, as well as assisting in regional efforts to ease tension in the region, he added. He said Lukashenka's visit to Khartoum coincided with the decision by the US to lift the economic embargo on his country which, he said, would help stimulate trade exchange and investments with the world.

Source: Libya News Agency