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Libyan Newswire

Presidency Council Spokesman: Military Operation Launched Under Name of ‘Homeland Storm’

Tripoli, 2 April 2018(Lana) The official Spokesman of the

Presidency Council Mohamed Al Salak has announced that a military

operation had been launched, on instructions from the Commander in

Chief of the Armed Forces, under the name 'Homeland Storm', and as

part of commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the country, and to

eliminate the terrorist spots.

The operation mounted by the anti-terrorism force starts at the

valleys stretching at the Gate 60km east of Misrata to the suburbs

of the cities of Bani Walid, Tarhuna, Msalata, Al Khoms and Zletin,

Al Salak said at the press conference he gave at the Government

headquarters in Tripoli today.

Al Salak said the President of the Presidency Council renewed

his condemnation of the heinous assault on the checkpoint east of

Ajdabiya on Friday, and stressed the need to unite all effort to

combat terrorism.

The President of the Presidency Council welcomes any efforts that

might lead to reconciliation, and lauds the constructive move taken

by Misrata and Al Zantan in this regard, the Spokesman said.

The Spokesman said the Council has decided among other issues to

raise the benefits for aided domestic service for people of special

needs to LD 450.

It also decided to set up a committee to address the issue of

stumbling Chinese companies projects in Libya, to be chaired by the

Minister of Planning Al Taher Al Jheimi, and with Ahmed Al Aradi from

the Economic and Social Development Fund, Yusuf Bshir from the

Housing Projects Authority, Mahmoud Ajaj from the Financial Market,

Adel Al Jmail from the Railway Project and Naser Belnour from the

Audit Office as well as a representative of the Central Bank of Libya

as members.

Source: Libya News Agency