Tuesday, 14/7/2020 | 9:39 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Presidency Council pass resolution on forming joint force to fight serious crime.

Tripoli, Presidency Council passed resolution on forming joint force to fight serious crime and apprehend its perpetrators. The force would based in Tripoli and assume its duties within the jurisdiction of Tripoli Court of Appeal. In its first article it says the force should be formed from security directorates, security agencies of Ministry of Interior and Public Intelligence. It would follow up investigation, apprehend their perpetrators to the judiciary according to legislations in force. The resolution identified serious crimes to be combatted by the force such as murder , forming criminal gangs, robbery, kidnapping, detention, arms trafficking personal harm by firearms. The force is formed by three units; patrols, gathering information, and apprehending. The resolution asked minister of interior, and head of intelligence to determine the number of the force and designate its members to be submitted to president of the presidency council within a week. The formed force would be subordinated to the minister of interior and under supervision of president if a Presidency Council. President of the Council would name head of he force and two of his aides. The work of the force is for six months renewable as of the date of the resolution. The resolution compelled head of the force to present daily, weekly and monthly security position about the work of the force to president of the presidency council, minister of interior, Attorney a general office and head of intelligence.

Source: Libya News Agency