Wednesday, 12/8/2020 | 2:54 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Presidency Council of GNA releases statement on ‘National Guard’.

Tripoli, The GNA Presidency Council issued a statement saying that it followed up the announcement last two days by some groups of so-called National Guard and the armed parade. In statement, the Presidency Council said this group and those supporting it are rogue and would be dealt with on these bases by security and judiciary authority. 'This act is an attempt to create a parallel body to the Presidential guard of the GNA which was set up to protect state critical institutions under the political leadership' it added. 'The GNA Presidency Guard was not and will not be an alternative to army and police but to augment them' the statement added. The presidency council underlined that it would protect the capital Tripoli, the lives of the public and their properties, renewing resolve for dialogue and renouncing violence and escalation as ways to get out of the current crisis and that it is open to all parties be they proponents or opponents.

Source: Libya News Agency