Friday, 21/2/2020 | 6:58 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Presidency Council meets with the chairman of High Judicial Council.

Tripoli,-President and members of the Presidency Council of the GNA met Tuesday with chairman of the High Judicial Council Justice Mohamed al-hafi and several members of the Council. The meeting held at the High Court, reviewed difficulties encountered by the High Judicial Council being the stability nerve in libya. deputy Chairman of the Presidency Council, Musa al-Kouni told Lana after the meeting that the visit of the President and members of the Presidency Council to the High Judicial Council and meeting with Chairman and members of the Council are in line with consultation and coordination and preparations for the next stage. The meeting focused on easing difficulties and reoperationlizing the judiciary including courts of law and their security, besides addressing the financial situation and follow up of cases filed against the Libyan state abroad, he added. The meeting was fruitful where several issues which we were unaware of were raised. Emphases were made to continue with these issues especially with relevant ministers.

Source: Libyan News Agency