Thursday, 20/6/2019 | 4:52 UTC+0
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Presidency Council Convenes meeting to discuss developments and repercussions of aggression on capital

Tripoli- The Presidency Council Convened Sunday a meeting headed by President Fayez Asseraj to discuss developments and repercussions of the aggression on the capital. The meeting was attended by deputies Amitiq and Kajman as well as members of the PC, Mohamed Emmari, and Ahmed Hamza. The meeting held at PC headquarters in Tripoli covered the situation generally in Tripoli and repercussion of the attack on the capital. The president presented an outline of the developments of the military situation on the ground at various axis. They also reviewed measures taken by the emergency committee to respond to the needs of the afflicted people and pending measures to offer necessary support and basic services to all displaced from areas of clashes in coordination with relevant municipalities. They also made a general assessment of regional and international stances regarding the aggression and debated the required diplomatic measures at this stage in the light of those stances.

Source: Libya News Agency


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