Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 5:59 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Presidency Council condemns air raid on Jufra.

Tripoli, The Presidency Council of the GNA condemned Tuesday the air raid that targeted military transport plane on Jufra airport. It said the plane belonged to the Fortified Structure forces. In a statement Tuesday, the council said; " The Presidency Council of the GNA deplores with all meaning of condemnation and with the most extreme phrases, the air raid of Jufra airport that targeted a military transport plane belonged to the Fortified Structure Forces, which was transporting an elite officers of those forces who came to Jufra to offer their condolences to one of their colleagues'. 'The air raid caused the death of a civilian and injury of several military and civilian men, the officers are the ones who took part in the war on terrorism in Serte, sacrificing their lives for the sake of the homeland' the statement added. The Presidency Council offered its condolences to the family of the youth who was killed in the air raid, wishing speedy recovery to the injured'. The Council stressed; 'It would not allow the repetition of this act and will not tolerate killing or terrorizing the citizens'. The Council considered; 'The condemned hostile air raid as contradicts with all principles as well as with social and religious values and attempts to torpedo all efforts made to establish peace and security and achieve stability in our country' The Presidency Council strongly warned the continuation of this unjustified escalation, which he said; opens the door to confrontations that all patriotic people work to avert'. It concluded ' The council is still working to stop escalation and irresponsible behaviour and provocation that disappoints the hopes of Libyans in stopping bloodshed and realizing stability'.

Source: Libya News Agency