Thursday, 5/12/2019 | 9:51 UTC+0
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Presence of Arab state in Security Council “very important”

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Dina Kawar, President of the Security Council for April. UN Photo/Loey Felipe

The presence of an Arab state in the Security Council is very important to defend issues facing countries in the region, according to the Permanent Representative of Jordan to the UN.

Dina Kawar is President of the 15-member Council for April, a position that rotates on a monthly basis.

The Jordanian diplomat said many of the current major international issues concern her region, including Syria, Yemen, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Basma Bitar-Baghal met with Ambassador Kawar to discuss her experience chairing the UN body tasked with the maintenance of peace and security.

She began by asking her to what extent having an Arab representative at the Security Council can have an impact.

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