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Passenger &Goods Movement Across Ras Jdeir Border Resumed.

Passenger &Goods Movement Across Ras Jdeir Border Resumed.Thursday , 19-01-2017 – 18:28:00

Tunis, 19 January 2017(Lana) Movement of individuals was resumed on Wednesday at Ras Jdeir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia, after Libyan protesters allowed the crossing, though trucks loaded with goods were still not allowed to cross either way, a report said. The permission of individuals was a first step and Libyan trucks are expected to be allowed to cross , though the protest will remain in place until the flow of goods across the border is normal, the Tunisian news agency quoted protesters as saying. A committee was expected to be set up by the protesters to follow up the situation at the crossing , the sources said. =Lana=