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Parliament Speaker: Naming Members of Dialogue Committee and Alterations to Political Agreement to be Ready by Next Week.

Tobruk, 21 February 2017(Lana) The Speaker of the House of Representatives Ageela Saleh has called on MPs to shoulder their historical responsibilities, to get the country out of its political crisis, end political stalemate, and to serve the ultimate interests of the Libyan people and preserve the integrity of the country. Saleh urged MPs, at a session the House held on Monday, to take a stance by determining what alterations they wanted to see to the political agreement, and to name members of the committee to be selected from MPs, to represent Parliament at talks with the committee entrusted with resolving the Libyan crisis, which is consisting of representatives of Libya's neighboring countries and the UN. The Speaker said naming of the dialogue committee and the requested alterations would be ready by next week. =Lana=

Source: Libya n News Agency