Saturday, 26/9/2020 | 1:35 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Panel of Experts Recommends Intercepting and Searching of Vessels Carrying Arms to Libya

Tripoli, -The panel of experts on Libya has put to the UN Security Council a number of recommendations, calling for a strict regime to be put in place to intercept and search vessels carrying arms in the Sea and in Libyan Seaports. The panel also recommended, in a report issued yesterday, that the Security Council extend Resolution No 1970 of 2011 in its modified version to put in place an effective regime for the search operations to intercept arms transported by air or to curb them by searching airplanes coming to Libyan airports. As for exporting crude oil and oil products illegally the panel recommended that the Council expand measures stipulated for in the Resolution 2146 of 2014, to permit member states to carry out search operation in high Seas off the Libyan coast of vessels heading for Libya or leaving it if there were reasonable causes to believe that they export oil or oil products unlawfully.

Source: Libya News Agency