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Libyan Newswire

Pan-Arab Parliament: We Reject Foreign Intervention in Libya.

Cairo, 15 February 2017(Lana) The Pan-Arab Parliament has issued a statement in which it said 'the unity, integrity and independence of Libya were crucial and said it opposed any foreign intervention in the country's internal affairs. The statement stated Pan-Arab Parliament support for efforts being mounted by Libya's neighboring countries, and welcomed the results of the meeting held in Cairo in January. It underlined the importance of coordination between the UN, AU and the Arab League to promote dialogue in line with Al Sukheirat Agreement as the framework for settlement of the Libyan political crisis. The statement underscored the need for lifting the arms embargo on Libya, to fight terrorism, and to support and protect legitimate institutions, and to establish a consensus government that can function after gaining confidence from Parliament. =Lana=

Source: Lybia News Agency