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Libyan Newswire

Pan-Arab Parliament Condemns ‘inhumane’ Treatment of Arab Refugees on Macedonian Border

Cairo, 6 March 2016(Lana) The President of the Pan-Arab Parliament Ahmed Al Jarawan has condemned what he called inhumane treatment and harassment of Arab refugees, as a result of the closure of the Macedonian border with Greece, which led to increase of tents pinned by thousands of migrants around the town of Adomeni. In a statement on Sunday, Al Jarawan expressed 'deep concern' over the treatment of the refugees and the use by the Macedonian authorities of tear gas, to prevent them crossing the border on way to northern Europe. The closure policy exercised by some European countries was a 'reversal of the rights guaranteed by the international convention of refugees rights, and the EU legislations regarding protection of refugees, Al Jarawan said. He demanded regional and international organisations to put protection of refugees on top of their agenda, as a test of world humanity, and to accelerate solutions for the refugees, the displaced and the homeless.

Source: Libya News Agency