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  • Ahli Tripoli Win UAE Tournament

    IN view of the commencement in a few week’s time of the 2012/13 Football League Championship, Libyan clubs have been testing their strength mostly in warm-up games against foreign opposition, mostly outside of Libya. One of these clubs, Ahli Tripoli, …

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  • A Libyan Eid

    Eid Elfitr is the celebration that occurs after a month of fasting and the translation is the breaking of the fast celebration. The feast itself starts with a very early Eid prayer in the Mosque. Chanting in mosques of (Allahhuakbar

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  • Libya: The Incident at Rixos

    Facing the open toilet in a prison cell with ten other Libyan inmates, my wishful article on Libya’s elections and future democracy seemed the more surreal – this is the true story of how a Danish lawyer/ journalist in bathing …

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  • The 10-10-10 philosophy of a Libyan Ramadan

    Ramadan is perceived in thirds or ten-day intervals both from a religious point view and a materialistic point of view. Religiously speaking for Muslims the month of Ramadan is thought of as a chance at redemption from a year’s worth …

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  • Ramadan in London: A Microcosm of the Arab World

    I love the spiritual side of Ramadan in London,” Houda Mizioudet from Tunisia who is holidaying in London told The Tripoli Post. I don’t like Ramadan in Tunisia. I love the cosmopolitan side of London. You go to different London …

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