Wednesday, 27/1/2021 | 2:13 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire
  • Hajj by Lottery

    It’s about this time of year, as Muslims prepare for the end of Ramadan and the Eid holiday that the names of applicants for Hajj visas are picked out of a basket. Sound funny enough? It’s true. The allocation of …

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  • Libyan Football League Kicks Off October 20

    The Libyan General Football Federation has set the date of October 20 for the commencement of the Libyan football league (2012-2013) that was suspended 20 months ago, in February 2011 with the launching of the February 17 Revolution. The championship …

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  • Ahli Tripoli Win UAE Tournament

    IN view of the commencement in a few week’s time of the 2012/13 Football League Championship, Libyan clubs have been testing their strength mostly in warm-up games against foreign opposition, mostly outside of Libya. One of these clubs, Ahli Tripoli, …

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  • A Libyan Eid

    Eid Elfitr is the celebration that occurs after a month of fasting and the translation is the breaking of the fast celebration. The feast itself starts with a very early Eid prayer in the Mosque. Chanting in mosques of (Allahhuakbar

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  • Libya: The Incident at Rixos

    Facing the open toilet in a prison cell with ten other Libyan inmates, my wishful article on Libya’s elections and future democracy seemed the more surreal – this is the true story of how a Danish lawyer/ journalist in bathing …

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  • The 10-10-10 philosophy of a Libyan Ramadan

    Ramadan is perceived in thirds or ten-day intervals both from a religious point view and a materialistic point of view. Religiously speaking for Muslims the month of Ramadan is thought of as a chance at redemption from a year’s worth …

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