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Over 5000 displaced families return to Serte.

Over 5000 displaced families return to Serte.Sunday , 20-11-2016 – 15:29:00

Serte, 20.11.2016 (Lana) Media Office of Serte Local council confirmed that over 5000 displaced families from the city have now return back. The media official, Mohamed Lamial told Lana reporter that the families were residing in the outskirts of Serte, Misrata, Abugrain, Washka, zelitin, Beni waleed, Tarhuna and Khomas. The spokesman said the displaced families returned to areas such as Sawawa, Al-GHarbiat, Jaref, Abuhadi and Al Qubiba. Lamial said normal life returned to those areas as schools, clinics and some medical utilities were returned. The number of displaced families from serte due to clashes totaled 18,000 families, and went to 14 municipalities across the country. =Lana=