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Over 100,000 people flee fighting in Libya in the last month

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A group of Tawerghan men displaced after the fighting in Libya in 2011. © UNHCR/ L. Dobbs

Warring tribes in Libya have fuelled a displacement crisis, with nearly 400,000 people forced to flee fighting since May, the UN has warned.

Announcing the news, refugee agency UNHCR said that at least 106,000 people had left their homes in the last month alone.

Agency spokesman Adrian Edwards said that more than half of these refugees came from Benghazi in the east of the country:

“It’s clearly a worsening situation in Libya; 400,000 people displaced since May, 106,000 in the last month alone. The difficulty inside the country is getting access to these people because of the insecurity, so you’ve got a situation of great suffering and great difficulties in getting help to people who need it”.

Surrounding towns have struggled to cope with the influx and have shut schools to shelter some of the new arrivals.

But around 2,500 Tawerghan refugees who fled Benghazi have been forced to camp in car parks with only plastic sheeting for cover.

The aid agency also warned that the fighting has increased hostility towards 14,000 Syrian refugees left stranded in conflict zones or without food.

Their only alternative is to leave Libya by boat and head to Europe, UNHCR said.

Daniel Johnson, United Nations.

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