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Notables of Kikla and Zintan Conclude Reconciliation Agreement.

Notables of Kikla and Zintan Conclude Reconciliation Agreement.Thursday , 21-01-2016 – 17:52:00

Gharyan, 21 January 2106(Lana) The notables of the western region cities of Kikla and Zantan have signed a reconciliation agreement which provided for the residents of Kikla and the Zantan community members who live in the capital Tripoli to return to their homes. A member of the reconciliation committee who member of the Abu Salim Municipal Council Ali Al Hrari told the Libyan news agency the agreement has sealed off long feuds between the two towns explaining that representatives from the community of Hrarat have mediated on behalf of the two beleaguered towns to join the pact and end the hostilities. The accord provided for prisoner swap. 45 including 33 from Zantan and 12 from Kikla have been released. The two sides agreed to a neutral force from the area of Al Mutared to be deployed at the main entrances to the town of Kikla to ensure non-violation of the agreement. The local council in Kikla has set up committees to determine the damage and help remove the war remnants, Al Hrari said, adding that the electricity company has already started repair on power lines and maintenance work. He urged the competent authorities to provide the resources to help the city return to normalcy, and residents to return to their homes. =Lana=