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NOC and Municipal Council cooperation discussed.

NOC and Municipal Council cooperation discussed.Wednsday , 1403201817:44:00

Tripoli, 14 March 2018 (Lana) Chairman of the Board of the
National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sun’allah met Tuesday with
Abdulraeuf beit Al mal mayor of Tripoli Central. The meeting focused
on cooperation between NOC and Tripoli Municipal Council and
discussed difficulties encountering work progress of the Council and
impact of the economic crisis on completion of some projects carried
by the municipal council such as maintenance of some public utilities
in Tripoli, cleaning works and pavement of main roads and the
prospect of NOC contribution to such works.
The mayor praised efforts of NOC and all employees of the oil
sector to preserve production rates despite difficulties facing the
Sun’allah on his part underscored sustainable development
programmes and readiness to offer help and collaborate with all
municipal councils across the country. he stressed the ever endeavors
to contribute to economic development and improve the general scene
of the capital.