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'No payback time in my presidency' (The Citizen (Tanzania))

Songwe. The CCM presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli, yesterday asked Tanzanians to trust and vote for him because his nomination for the top job did not come by buying out delegates.

He said the nomination process within his party was open and was conducted according to the set out guidelines. He said once elected, he would have no one to pay back and instead he would focus on serving Tanzanians only.

“There are several others who aspired for the post in our party they used a lot of money to win support but they are now leaving our party because I was nominated,” said Dr Maguguli.

Addressing Mbalizi residents, Dr Magufuli said many people are backing him because he manages government affairs well and fights corruption and added:

“Then there are those who are leaving CCM after realizing they will not survive under my presidency.”

He spent a good deal of time pleading with wananchi not to rush for political change, saying some countries plunged into chaos for such action.

He said the change that Tanzanians want will be brought by him through CCM. He further noted that change may come in Tanzania without throwing out the ruling party, giving the example of Chinese Communist Party which made great economic reforms to overtake the United States.

He said countries like Libya, Tunisia, Iraq and the Democratice Republic of Congo found themselves in civil violence because of going for change hastily.

“Don’t make rash decisions. In the Libya of Muammar Gadaffi people were being given houses upon getting married, capital to start business, free water and education and fuel. But it appears the people got tired with peace,” he said.

He went on: Today as we speak that joy of liberation is no longer there. The youth who fought for a quick liberation are the first to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.”

Dr Magufuli later headed to Songwe for his campaigns, promising to end poaching in national parks and game reserves and improve lives of game wardens and instill discipline.

He said it was shocking that elephants were being killed every day and ivory from Tanzania being seized abroad despite having armed and trained wardens while the Maasai who protect their cows with sticks rarely lose their animals.

He also spoke of rampant corruption in local governments, saying some officials cause the people to hate the government by stealing development funds in councils, warning district directors that he will not tolerate such trends if he is elected.