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News in Brief 24 April 2015 (PM)

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Children surrender their weapons during a ceremony formalizing their release from the SSDA Cobra Faction armed group, in Pibor, South Sudan (February 2015). Photo: UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0201/Rich

Final release of children from the Cobra Faction in South Sudan

More than 280 children in South Sudan have been freed in the final release of children from the Cobra Faction armed group, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

This is the last of a series of releases that have taken place since January following a peace agreement between the faction and the Government of South Sudan.

Prior to each release, UNICEF and the National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission conducted an intensive and detailed screening and verification process with each child.

A total of 1,757 children are now free.

UN Mission in Darfur repels two attacks

Two attacks by unidentified armed men in Kass, South Darfur, have been repelled, according to the UN Mission in the country, UNAMID.

The ensuing exchange of fire reportedly resulted in at least four attackers killed, and six peacekeepers and one assailant injured.

The first attack took place on Thursday when about 40 gunmen on horses and camels opened fire on UN peacekeepers protecting a water point; the second attack was against a UNAMID patrol on Friday.

Violence in Guinea of concern to UN

Reports of violence in Guinea between security forces and opposition protesters at an anti-government rally on Thursday are of concern to the United Nations.

The incident reportedly resulted in the death of one person and the wounding of four others.

The UN says it is encouraging all parties to exercise calm and restraint and to work together to resolve differences through dialogue and consensus.

Cathrine Hasselberg, United Nations

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