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News in brief 11 February 2015 (AM)

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Staffan de Mistura. Credit: UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferre

“Intensive” discussions between UN and Syrian Government

“Intensive” discussions have been taking place in the Syrian capital Damascus between the UN Special Envoy for the country and the Syrian Government.

Staffan De Mistura said his focus is on the importance of reducing the violence of the conflict and increasing the access of humanitarian assistance to all Syrians.

He explained that the heart of his mission is to help facilitate any process that can lead to a political solution to the ongoing civil war.

He also discussed the issue of the UN’s proposal to reduce violence in the city of Aleppo.

New round of peace talks convene in Libya

A new round of peace talks has been convened in the town of Ghadames in Libya to find a solution to the ongoing political and military crisis.

Two rival political factions are vying for control of the North African oil producer, three years after the fall of leader Muammar al-Qhadafi in 2011.

The talks are scheduled at a time when increased turmoil and lawlessness is said to have taken over the country.

Three hundred migrants and refugees missing off the coast of Italy

Three hundred migrants and refugees are missing after attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy on rubber dinghies.

Initial reports had suggested some 29 refugees and migrants died on Sunday on one dinghy, but the UN Refugee agency confirmed that the scale of the tragedy is much worse.

We’ll have more on this story later in the bulletin.

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