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News in Brief 01 June 2016 (AM)

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Humanitarian aid being unloaded in East Ghouta, Syria. Photo: OCHA

Aid convoy enters Daraya for first time in years

An aid convoy has entered the besieged town of Daraya in Syria for the first time since 2012, the UN humanitarian agency in Syria has confirmed.

A video of UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent vehicles driving into the city was posted on Wednesday.

Some of the items delivered include baby milk, medicines, vaccines and nutritional items, according to the agency.

Food was also delivered earlier to Moademiah in rural Damascus by the same convoy.

Children trapped in Falluja need protection and safe passage

All parties fighting over the Iraqi city of Fallujah should protect the children inside the area and provide a safe passage for them to leave, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has urged.

Violence continues to escalate in Fallujah as government forces try to retake control of the city from Daesh or ISIL extremists.

The agency estimates that at least 20,000 children remain trapped in the city around 60 kilometres from the capital Baghdad.

According to reports, food and medicine are running out and clean water is in short supply.

Very few families have been able to leave since the start of the military operation in Fallujah, according to Peter Hawkins, UNICEF representative in Iraq.

He warns that children face the risk of forced recruitment into the fighting and separation from their families.

“Collective response” to migrant movement needed, urges Ban

A collective and comprehensive response to the large movements of migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean is needed, the UN Secretary-General has urged.

It follows the recent drowning of over 800 migrants off the coast of Libya.

A number of boats sank south of Italy as more people attempted the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to Europe.

Ban Ki-moon said the response should include expanded legal pathways like family reunification, resettlement and humanitarian admission.

He noted that a forthcoming high-level meeting at the United Nations would be a unique opportunity to agree on such a framework.

While commending the brave efforts of the joint Italian and European search and rescue operations, the UN chief called on countries to redouble efforts to save those at risk at sea.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations.

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