Wednesday, 23/9/2020 | 9:17 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Navy Staff releases statistics on vessels caught within Libyan territorial waters.

Tripoli, Information and Culture office and navy spokesman issued statistics on naval vessels caught within territorial waters as of Liberation year in 2012 up to first quarter of 2016. The statistics which Lana obtained a copy showed that the total vessels of various sizes, functions and load that caught were 64 vessels and total number of crews reached 6. - The statistics explained that 31 trollers from Egypt. - 6 vessels from trolleys from Italy. - one vessel from Greece. - Three vessels from Malta. - One oil tanker from Russia. - Two vessels from Lebanon. - Two vessels one carrying Panama' flag and the other carrying Tanzanian flag. The figures showed that nationalities of the sailors were arrested within territorial waters of Libya. The figures showed that the sailors were 380 from Egypt, 228 from Tunisia, 41 from Tunisia, besides sailors from Malta, Greece, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Croatia, Nigeria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Turkey, Nigeria, Georgia, and other indigent infield nationalities. It said the reasons for apprehensions : - 46 vessels were caught for illegal fishing that is 71%. - Smuggling fuel over 9%. - Three vessels for smuggling goods that 5%. - Narcotics spirits and tobacco two vessels. - Number of vessels caught for unknown reasons 7 vessels that is 11%.

Source: Libyan News Agency