Tuesday, 10/12/2019 | 12:09 UTC+0
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Nation's Diplomacy Said Effective (allAfrica.com)

Ethiopia has 51 embassies, consulates and business representatives worldwide.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has carried out effective and meaningful activities of diplomacy over the last 11 months.

Opening the annual meeting of Overseas Representatives of Ethiopia yesterday, Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom noted that the nation’s diplomacy has brought a number of success stories in all spheres of diplomatic activities.

Pointing out this year’s diplomatic gains ,he stated that the agreement on ” Declaration of Principles” among Ethiopia,Egypt and Sudan is a milestone in the future of these sisterly countries.

” Ethio- Djibouti economic integration agreement,which will hopefully lead these two nations to political integration, was signed this year. Despite the wishes of naysayers, the Addis Ababa’s accord between the Somalia Federal government and the Jubaland administration is making great progress . It as well encourages the South West ,and Central Somalia to reach similar agreement,” he added.

According to Dr. Tedros, it ‘s good news for peace lovers to hear that Mogadishu hosted IGAD Ministerial meeting after 28 years . The dispatching of Ethiopia’s public diplomacy crops to Egypt and Sudan has brought the desired results in terms of strengthening people – to – people relations and changing the wrong public opinion , he said.

Pertaining to President Obamas’ historic visit to Ethiopia, he said that the visit was made possible due to the ever growing and strong diplomatic and economic ties between Ethiopia and United States.

In cupping up his speech , Dr. Tedros mentioned the immigration crisis in Yemen, the xenophobic attacks in south Africa and the senseless killings of innocent Ethiopians in Libya by ISIS as big challenges of the year.

Ethiopia has 51 embassies, consulates and business representatives worldwide.