Tuesday, 22/9/2020 | 3:20 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

M’sahil: Libyans have huge sufficiency and a will to build their country.

Algeria, - Minister of Maghreb affairs , AU and Arab league "Abdul-Kader M'sahil" , on Monday in the capital Algiers , said that the Libyans have huge sufficiency and a will , which is enough to build their country , and to preserve its unity. M'sahil during an interview with the Algerian radio (3) , said "Libya has huge sufficiency and great power , as well as political women and men , whom are able to transcend this crisis , and there is a will among our Libyan partnership , to build their country , and to maintain its unity. The minister , pointed out the necessity for the Libyan-Algerian borders to be a real bridge between the two countries , and a barrier preventing any attempt against both countries. About the security and military cooperation , the Algerian official said , "we share security between the two countries at the borders , the responsibility's upon both sides , and the priority today is to confront the terrorism lesion"

Source: Libyan News Agency