Wednesday, 27/1/2021 | 4:52 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Moroccan Foreign Minister Commends Outcome Of Tangier Consultative Meeting

Rabat- Moroccan Foreign Minister Naser Burita has commended the outcome of the tangier consultative meeting of the Libyan Parliament which wounded its session yesterday in the northern Moroccan city. ‘The current political phase in Libya requires a parliament which is marked with harmony among its members and one without political or geographical divisions, Burita said in the final session of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum. More than 123 members of the Libyan Parliament have attended the dialogue sessions, Burita said describing the meeting as successful. He said hoped that the Tangier meeting would serve as a new start for a parliament that can play its role in full, as aspired by the people both in the legislation and monitoring. The final communique of the Tangier Parliament meeting called for a meeting for members, to be held in Ghadamis, immediately after returning to Libya, ‘to decide upon whichever leads to end of division of the house and enables it to perform its mandate the best it can be, stressing that Benghazi is the constitutional headquarters of the Libyan Parliament. The communiqué called for an end to the state of conflict and division in the state institutions and push for national reconciliation and return of the displaced and compensation for damage incurred.

Source: Libya News Agency