Thursday, 20/6/2019 | 1:23 UTC+0
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Monitor, Detection And Rapid Response Administration Dismisses Spread Of WNF Disease In Tunisia Threatens Libya.

Tripoli, The Director of the Monitor and Detection Administration at the National Centre for Disease Prevention NCDP Ramadan Mohamed Osman has dismissed that the UN announcement of cases of West Nile Fever in Tunisia threatens a spread of the disease to Libya. ‘The chances of the WNF virus spreading to Libya are very slim, Osman said in statements posted to the Ministry of Health SMS page. The disease is spread by mosquitoes and cannot be contracted through casual contact with infected persons, Osman said. Tunisia is facing, for two weeks, the second wave of West Nile Fever disease this year, and the Monitor, Detection and Rapid Response Administration urged members of the public to report any suspected WNF cases coming from Tunisia . A circulation issued by the administration revealed confirmed reports from the UN World Health Organisation about an outbreak of WNF in several areas in the Tunisia, the thing which was also confirmed by the Tunisian Health Ministry which confirmed infection of 53 out of suspected 220 cases. The disease is transmitted to humans and animals by mosquitoes which feed on infected birds.

Source: Libya News Agency




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