Thursday, 20/6/2019 | 12:58 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

MoI Establishes Offices For Protection Of Children And Families.

Tripoli, Ministry of Interior (MoI) began setting up an office at the ministry to be named ‘Child and Family protection office’ and opening departments at Security Directorates, to be subordinated to this office. The office will implement laws and regulations concerned the protection of women and children in line with the regional and international agreements ratified by Libya. The office will process all issues pertaining to child and family and respond immediately to complaints in this respect, and take all measures to protect children and families from all forms of violations and take part in sensitization programmes and prepares research and studies on child and family to gather data and information about criminal phenomena in which children and families are parties and prepare response plans.

Source: Libya News Agency




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