Tuesday, 19/1/2021 | 5:11 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Mi’tig Meets Mayors Of Southern Municipalities Via Video Link

Tripoli-Deputy President of Presidency Council Ahmed Mi’tig met with mayors of southern municipality via video conference to discuss problems facing the southern region and how best they can be overcome. The meeting involved the Mayors of Sebha, Bint Bayah, Brak Al Shati, Obari, Al shwieref, Al Bwanis, Al Ghrefa, Wadi Etba, and Al Sharqiyah. According to the GNA Communication Office, the Mayors demanded that the Presidency Council open an office in the southern region. complete the Obari gas-operated power station, and support for other projects in the region. They also demanded that the needs of the southern region included in the development budget allocated to the southern region, be determined and classified, to be used in direly needed roads, airports and other infrastructure projects. On his part Mi’tig said the GNA would seek to help the southern region overcome the difficulties they face in rendering services to local communities.

Source: Libya News Agency