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Misahle announces that Algeria to host Libya's neighbours meeting May 8.

Misahle announces that Algeria to host Libya’s neighbours meeting May 8.Tuesday , 2504201717:05:00

Algiers, 25 April 2017 (Lana) Algerian state minister for Maghreb, African Union and Arab League Affairs, Abdulqader Misahle has announced the organization of a meeting for Libya neighbouring countries May 8 in the Algerian capital in line with the concerted efforts aimed at finding a political solution to the crisis in Libya. In statement to Algerian TV programme, Misahle said Algeria to host May 8 the 11th session of Libya neighbours, stressing the importance of participation of all Libya neighbouring countries in the meeting to discuss securing the area, for the security of Libya is part of security of the region. He explained; in statement carried out by the Algerian news agency; ‘security is a common problem if we wanted to reach a political solution in Libya, securing border should be touched on, reaffirming his country’s emphasis on the political solution and establish strong army, unified security and stabile government. The Algerian state ministry said Algeria signals three important messages which are; first the solution would not be a military one by political, second message supporting the Libya people in its war against terrorism and the last message is related to national reconciliation. Algeria hosted May 2014 the first session of Libya neighbors mechanism at the sideline of the ministerial seminar of non-aligned countries during which emphasis were made on opting for a political solution being the sole guarantee to the unity and sovereignty of Libya. =Lana=