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Minor earthquake – Northern Idaho on April 24, 2015 only survives with (mostly small) PRIVATE DONATIONS. Your gift will be highly appreciated.
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Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 3

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-04-24 11:39:11

GMT/UTC Time : 2015-04-24 18:39:11

Depth (Hypocenter) : 2 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
USGS Ponderay, Idaho Apr 24 18:39 3.0 2 MAP I Felt It
EMSC Northern Idaho Apr 24 18:39 3.0 2 MAP I Felt It INFO
USGS Sandpoint, Idaho Apr 24 08:28 3.3 20 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Troy mt – Heard a rumble and the house started to shake
  • Sagle – Felt and heard moderate shaking inside our house only lasting about 2 seconds. No noticeable damage to structure or contents.
  • Cocolalla – Heard what sounded like thunder and then the vibration.
  • Creston, B.C. – My husband and I both felt it in two different rooms of our home.
  • Sandpoint – At 10:44 PM First a strong jolt of my building then instant shaking of the whole building. My house plants looked like someone had hold of them and shook them. I’m used to quakes, sort of. Survived the 1964 quake in Alaska and many more.
  • Post falls – Just felt my bed shaking as I was trying to get to sleep. Thought I was just dozing off but the thought of an earthquake had crossed my mind.
  • Sagle,Idaho – We were sitting at the dining room table, thought it was the train cars pulling together but there was no train.. Very low tone rumble….No property damage, heard the second one while asleep. Did not notice the third… First one was most intense here in Sagle.
  • Sandpoint – Loud booming sound, like very close thunder, but of short duration, accompanied by strong shaking.
  • Coeur d’Alene – I’ve never felt an earthquake. We felt and heard a rumbling and our couch was shaking underneath us. The art on our wall was shaking a little bit too. It lasted about 5-10 seconds and then was done.
  • spirit lake idaho – The noise did not seem weak. Shaking caused glass to move. No damage done.
  • Sandpoint – I felt all three.
  • Coeur d’Alene – I thought that the neighbors upstairs were starting up heavy equipment, during the first tremors, I live in half-basement apartment. Didn’t hear the third one, however the first two lasted about 7 seconds.
  • Bonners Ferry Mile marker 505 – The pipes underground have been vibrating for three days now, and last night at 10:35 PM my bed shook underneath me and everything on the wall slid,and or fell off. The groaning in our pipes were so loud when it happened, that I was fearful of going back to our bedroom. My husband slept through it. Today, out pipes are so loud that I am wondering if we are feeling minor earth movement underground before another one. This really startled me.
  • Sagle – Dogs freaked out…and it felt like it lasted about 5 -10 seconds.
  • Kellogg – Sounded like freight train nearby. Felt mild shaking. No property damage and dog not impressed. I wondered if blasting at bunker hill mine
  • Creston, BC – My travel trailer shook as if a strong strong wing gust but there wasn’t any wind at the time.
EMSC Northern Idaho Apr 24 08:28 3.3 20 MAP I Felt It
  • Spirit Lake Idaho – Felt two earthquakes one just before dark 4/23/15 the other in the early am hours..woke me up no damage noticed yet.
EMSC Northern Idaho Apr 24 05:43 4.2 5 MAP I Felt It
  • coeur d alene – Woke me up, thought I was dreaming. Heard the ceiling fan rattling.
  • Heron, MT – Woke everyone up! Shaking for 30 seconds
  • Athol, ID – Rattled the fireplace. Loud rumble.
  • Rathdrum – Lots of shaking and rattling! Lasted about 5 seconds but was much more noticeable than the one earlier this evening.
  • Post Falls – Strong shaking for first 3 seconds then tapering off over the next 5 or so seconds
  • Elk, Washington – House rumbled for 10 seconds. Fun stuff!
  • Bonners Ferry, Idaho – Woke us up…maybe 20-30 seconds. Stronger than the first, rumbling and shaking which seemed to hesitate for a second or so a little more than midway through.
  • coeur d’alene – no damage. heard a slight rumbling almost like distance thunder. slight shaking and my cats were acting strange. One of my cats had just been sitting, just acting alert for the last several hours.
  • priest river – Didn’t feel the first one. But felt the second. No damage or awakened kids.
  • Coeur d’Alene – Felt this one too. Pictures on the walls rattling. Lasted only a few seconds.
  • Bonners Ferry ID – House started shaking drywall cracked. shook hole house.Thought house was going to fall in.
  • Ponderay, ID – I was just getting up to give my mother a hug and it hit. Spooked me and my dog pretty bad, never been in an earthquake before.
  • Bayview, id – 2nd one very loud “sonic boom” focused on N side of house. (toward epicenter); shaking for 2 seconds. initial thought was an explosion hit next door.
  • Coeur D Alene – shaking like a train going past building.
  • Fairchild Air Force Base – Only felt mild shaking for less than 5 seconds
  • Colville, WA – Woke me up!
  • sandpoint – Felt both quakes. Second was longer and louder. My first earthquake.
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID – Felt 2ND of two quakes. Sounded like a large gust of wind slammed into my house. Shook the whole house for about 5-10 seconds. No damage known
  • Spokane – Just a deep slow rumble for about 5 to 10 seconds, scary. No damage
  • Sagle – Felt like the house was knocked off its foundation. Strong wave like motion. Loud.
  • priest river – Laying in bed and our room started shaking felt like a train right outside our house
  • laclede – Laying in bed shook about 15 sec they can keep these in Ca and Alaska
  • Vay idaho – Heard and felt both quakes tonite the second one was a harder jolt then the first hope thats all!! Getting A LITTLE CREEPED OUT HERE
  • Rathdrum – Doors and windows rattled, whole house shook, and it was somewhat loud, like doors slamming or pounding on walls. It only lasted for a few seconds. My first earthquake!!
  • Post Falls – It woke me up, felt the bed shaking, wife thought it was the dog leaning against the bed scratching for about 3-5 seconds.
  • Sandpoint – Low rumble; moderate vibration; second one stronger than first; second one woke me and the dogs; different feel than So. Calif quakes.
  • Rathdrum – Didn’t hear anything as I was watching a show on my computer. The monitors and desk started to shake around me.
  • Elk, Wa – I was kicking back watching a movie and I heard a rumble that got louder until wham! It felt like something very large hit the house. Elk, WA
  • Dover, ID – Felt like big explosion in the distance
  • Coeur d alene – I felt both and the second one woke me up. It reminded me of Psalm 18. When we cry to the Lord for help, He bends the heaven and shakes the earth. It was very exciting to me.
  • Northport – Bedroom walls creaked, bed shook, appliances rattled. Very brief second.
  • Metaline Falls, WA – shook medicine bottles, upset dogs
  • Coeur d’Alene – Watching TV being a couch potato, felt the couch shake for a few seconds. Noted the time on the clock. 10:43. Read about it the next day. A 4.2 centered in Pondery County by Sandpoint Idaho was reported at 10:43.
  • Rathdrum – A crack at a corner of a wall at the ceiling.
  • bonners ferry – ;0
  • Spokane – Rattled stuff in at least two different rooms in my house
USGS Ponderay, Idaho Apr 24 05:43 4.2 5 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Sagle – This one hit harder and longer than the last one. Loud boom and longer rumble, the house shook pretty hard. No damage known.
  • Ponderay – On a second floor, was long enough and strong to get up, to find a safe place.
  • Garfield Bay – Serious movement, lasted longer than the first one this evening. Wave like motion. LOUD!
  • Sandpoint. Idaho – 3rd quake woke me up. I thought it was high winds with a storm.
  • Sandpoint, Idaho – I heard rumbling and felt shaking.
USGS Sandpoint, Idaho Apr 24 02:32 4.1 5 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • sandpoint – loud rumble 5 second shake
  • Hope – Loud boom with 15 sec of shaking.
  • sandpoint – Felt it
  • coeur d alene – crazy
  • Sandpoint, ID – Sounded like thunder, shaking, and lasted about 8 seconds.
  • heron, MT – I was outside feeding my horses. They all quit eating, looked around confused and the ground shook. My mom, in the house felt the house vibrate.
  • Heron, Mt – Log house shook for 5 secs
  • Sagle – Sharp hard hit, whole house shaking, 4+ seconds!
  • Coeur d Alene – No damage just rumbling and shaking.
  • Sagle – we were thinking at first it was thunder but it continued shaking the house!
  • Sagel, ID – Low rumble, then what felt like a wave from the front of the house to the back.
  • Sagel, ID – Low rumble, then what felt like a wave from the front of the house to the back.
  • Sagle – No Damage. House shook and trembled, after initial hard explosion sound, for about 5 seconds.
  • Bonners Ferry – Just a quick shaking of the entire house, maybe a second or two, low rumble heard
  • Hope Idaho – I was inside and I heard a loud boom and the house vibrated. I thought something big exploded and went outside to look for a fireball. I’m not aware of any damage.
  • sagle – No damage.
  • Libby – No damage.
  • Kellogg, Idaho – Unknown if there’s any damage.
  • Newport – vibration with rumble, no damage
  • Clark Fork ID – Loud “whump” and the house shook as though something had hit it. Brief tremors after that.
  • CDA – Loud rumble like a train close by..walls shaking…nothing crazy
  • Bonners Ferry – I was inside when it happened. It felt like a huge gust of wind hitting the house. The windows creaked. It lasted about 3 seconds or so. No damage here.
  • Sandpoint – Thought it was a train but a little louder noise wise. Also rattled the house a little.
  • Dover – I thought it was a train…guess it was an earthquake.
  • Hayden – Hardly knew what was going on, it sounded like a freight train or thunder. After the noise ended I went outside to look at the sky expecting a storm and there were no clouds. It wasn’t until later on facebook when I realized what had happened.
  • Dover – Whole house shook and a very loud boom
  • Bonners Ferry – Felt like a big blast from all heater ducts in the whole house came on at once, but no heater were on. 3-4 seconds.
  • Sagle – No damage known, loud rumble sounded like an explosion outside, whole house shook, felt the rumble under our feet twice within seconds.
  • Sagle – Loud rumble sort of like thunder. Felt some shaking briefly inside house. No damage.
  • Sagle – Big rumble like trains colliding. Then shaking pause another shake
  • bonners ferry idaho – Light shaking slight rumble
  • Sagle – Rumble started, continued to get louder. House was shaking vigorously – could hear joists moving. Seemed to last about 15 seconds. Longest earthquake I’ve ever felt.
  • Kootenai – Sounded like a train right outside the house
  • sandpoint, id – No damage, Thought that it was a train at first.
  • Newport – No shaking or vibrations but we heard what sounded like a military helicopter or loud rumbling truck.
  • Sandpoint – Heard a boom, then just swaying and shaking for several seconds
  • Sandpoint – Felt it for about 30 seconds
  • Hayden ID – Felt something shaking a little but I wasn’t sure what. later I turn on my tv to find out there was a 4.1 earthquake!
  • Priest River Idaho – I was laying down and felt the house move from front to back like a small wave.
  • Priest River – Loud rumble, windows shook…lasted about 4 seconds.
  • Sandpoint – n/a
  • Coeur d alene – Rattled the china.
  • Sagle, Idaho (9 miles south of Sandpoint – I felt an aftershock at approximately 10:45 pm PDT – the house shook for 10-15 seconds; very different from the initial quake which presented as a short-lived, loud explosion.
  • coeur d alene – Felt the whole bed rumble
  • Spokane – I was laying in my bed and it started shaking for a couple seconds.
  • Coeur D Alene, ID – Heard a rumbling sound and felt the house creak. Very noticeable
  • laclede, ID – slow boom like log truck l accident then shaking
  • hayden – My windows shook and the ground under my feet shook
  • sandpoint – Loud rumble shaking the house. No mistake earthquake. Probably felt it 10 seconds. No damage.
  • Sandpoint – Another quake at 10:45. Shook pretty good for 10-15 seconds
  • Coeur D’Alene – Around 10:50pm. Whole apartment building shook. Lasted 5+ seconds
  • Athol – It shook the house. I could also hear it.
  • CDA – Crazy! Loud rumble – similar to thunder than about 6sec of shaking
  • Coeur D Alene – Felt like a 3 or 4 second long rumble, like a train passed by.
  • Steptoe Washington – Felt it. Haven’t felt one since I moved from Oklahoma
  • Post Falls, Idaho – Heard it more than felt the earthquake.
  • Sandpoint, ID – Felt like a very exaggerated version of the trains that come through here at night. Rumbling, swaying.
  • Sandpoint – No damage
  • sandpoint – 2nd one hope that’s it!!! Definitely stronger than the first
  • East Hope, Idaho – Sounded like rolling thunder with a boom at the end. The whole house vibrated and things rattled.
  • Osburn – No damage, but shook the whole house.
  • Bottle Bay – Sounded like a huge gust of wind followed by some shaking. No damage.
EMSC Northern Idaho Apr 24 02:32 4.1 5 MAP I Felt It
  • Coeur d alene – Just a short rumble through the house
  • Sandpoint – Loud boom and shaking for 10 seconds
  • Sagle, ID – House shook a bit, and a few minutes later, a lighter one was felt.
  • Bonners Ferry – Felt shaking while inside house for approximately 3 seconds.
  • Coeur d’Alene – Obvious rumbling, lasted about 3 seconds.
  • Athol, ID – Deep rumble like a large plane taking off, shaking enough for various items upstairs to be moving around
  • Careywood, ID – I was a little over a mile away at the time. Light boom sound for about 7 seconds with the windows rattling for about 10 to 15 seconds. Since it woke me from my nap and I didn’t feel the bed shake, I assumed it was coming from sort of “sonic boom effect” caused by a high flying military jet.
  • Careywood, ID – I was a little over a mile away at the time. Light boom sound for about 7 seconds with the windows rattling for about 10 to 15 seconds. Since it woke me from my nap and I didn’t feel the bed shake, I assumed it was coming from sort of “sonic boom effect” caused by a high flying military jet.
  • priest river Id – no damage. deer running around. very loud. like out of balance washing machine
  • Sagle, Idaho (9 miles south of Sandpoint – I heard and felt what I thought was a very loud explosion – it was very short-lived with no sustained shaking that one would associate with an earthquake.
  • sandpoint – Sounded like thunder and the whole house shook! Hubby was hunting and they said it was a loud rumble that kept going! Been in earth quakes near Seattle and this shook the house way more and was loud
  • Hayden Lake – Felt like a train was passing close by. Felt first around 7:33pm and second quake around 10:45pm. Both quakes felt similar in strength and duration (10 sec). No damage to house.
  • hayden, idaho – No damage. Shook house for 5-10 seconds.
  • Sandpoint – I was at work in the hospital and I thought the medevac helicopter was taking off! Ran outside and no helicopter…
  • Coeur d Alene – I felt and heard the rumble. I thought a mack truck or something was going down my street.
  • Sandpoint – First thought of thunder or an explosion then light shaking for several seconds first one at 7.30, again but little stronger at 10.30, very strange for sandpoint area.
  • Bovill – Felt a little shaking
  • coeur d alene – Felt light shaking about 5 seconds
  • Priest River – I felt a shake on April 23 at 10:42 pm while I was sitting on the floor. There was first a weird rumbling and the house shook side to side.



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