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Ministry of Justice discusses work mechanism of UN Human Rights Council.

Ministry of Justice discusses work mechanism of UN Human Rights Council.Monday , 18-01-2016 – 20:51:00

Tripoli, 18.01.2016(Lana) NSG Ministry of Justice held broad meeting Monday chaired by Minister of Justice and attended by heads of International Cooperation, several civil society organizations specialized in human rights, representatives for Public Liberties Council and member of Kikkla Municipal Council. The meeting devouted to rallying of efforts for the vision of Ministry of Justice, civil society organizations on work mechanism of the UN Human Rights Council’ ‘s investigations committee set up by virtue of Resolution No 28/30 dated March 25, 2015 related to the Libyan issue. They agreed at the meeting to consolidate the comments and observations and crystallize them in a letter to be addressed to relevant international and national bodies and prepare a comprehensive report about the issues under considerations. The participants in the meeting said they would work professionally to uncover all violations and hold those responsible to account. According to the Ministry of Justice the reports of the Tunis based committee set up by the UN Human Rights Council lack neutrality, fairness and transparency, and it is about to file a report to be submitted to the UN Security Council. =Lana=