Monday, 17/2/2020 | 7:41 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Ministry of Institutions launches youth initiative to employ youth in General survey of public institutions.

Tripoli, GNA State Ministry for Institutions Restructuring has launched a youth initiative to employ youth in the General survey of public institutions that need development and modernization. and identifying flaws obstructing work progress. The initiative aims at addressing the obstacles hindering work progress and improve its work. Communications and Media Department quoted State Minister for Institutional Restructuring Affairs, Iman Ben Younis as saying that; this work is aimed at developing youth capacities and use their energies and time positively and prepare them for post-study practical field besides theoretical aspects.. It also aims at developing youth understanding of administrative work and dealing with middle-level management. The initiative was tested with the Students Union of the Faculty of Administration and Finance Sciences. She said they made a General survey on the Civil Aviation Authority for 45 days and made detailed report. They outlined positive and negative points.. They were outstanding in their job, she added. The idea was published widely through social websites, and contacts were made with 'Progress and Advancement Team that comprise youth of Sebha City, asserting that they are working on a similar survey in a civilian institution in Sebha.

Source: Libya News Agency