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Minister of Transport: Budget allocated to ministry 200 million dinars.

Minister of Transport: Budget allocated to ministry 200 million dinars.Monday , 2404201715:44:00

Tripoli, 24 April 2017 (Lana) Minister of Transport, Milad mataug has revealed that the budget allocated to the ministry reached 200 million dinars and that sectors subordinated to the ministry estimated its plan at 890 million dinars. Matauq explained that there are projects began to be implemented through the emergency budget such as Ghaw bridge in Khomus, maintenance of coastal road decay, removing sand from many roads such as Beni Waleed, Tarhona, Sukna etc, At press conference Sunday in Tripoli, Mataug said only two hundred millions were allocated to the transport sector and if released it would be distributed to the agencies and authorities subordinated to the ministry. he said there are companies which are not directly subordinated to the ministry only on supervision bases such as maritime transport, Air Transport, contractors, and that such companies work on commercial law bases and their salaries are paid from their income. He said however, due to the financial circumstances experienced by these companies resulting on leaving employees of these companies for ten months without payment, a committee was formed by the ministry of finance to look into allocating funds for salaries for them. =Lana=